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December 17, 2010

Esther Friesner Guest Post

Today I have a guest post with Esther Friesner the author of The Nobody's Princess series, the Sphinx's Princess series,  and her newest book Threads and Flames!

What was different about writing Threads and Flames opposed to The Nobody, and Sphinx series'? Was it harder...? What did you have to do differently? 

      I wouldn’t say that writing THREADS AND FLAMES was harder than writing the NOBODY’S PRINCESS/PRIZE and SPHINX’S PRINCESS/QUEEN series.  All of the books required me to do a lot of research, though in some cases, I had less to do because I was already familiar with the historical background material.
      On the other hand, the biggest difference I encountered as far as researching these books was that for THREADS AND FLAMES I was not confined to what I could learn from books and internet sources.  I could (and did!) visit many of the sites described in the book.  I was born in New York City, and as often happens when you live somewhere, you don’t tend to visit the tourist attractions.  Researching THREADS AND FLAMES gave me the chance and the motivation to go to Ellis Island, the Lower East Side, and to the very building where the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire happened.  (Yes, the building still stands.  It was fireproof.  The victims were not.)  One of the best parts of this hands-on research was going to the Tenement Museum on the Lower East side.  It really opened my eyes to the living conditions Raisa would have encountered!

Thanks Esther!

*Author picture from author website


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